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Keeping a mellow downhome vibe during a big tech upgrade

It's not every day a former grand marshal of the Chester, CA Fourth of July Parade asks you for tech support, but when they do, you tend to listen. Chester is world famous for its Fourth of July parade, and its grand marshall, Carol Franchetti is famous for being a wonderful human being who makes and sells the world's tastiest fried chicken out of a hundred-year-old-lakeside cabin Prattville. Carol had just purchased a brand new Square point of sale system, drawn to the promise of simplicity, convenience, and cost saving. Only one problem: she didn't know what it did, or exactly how to use it.

Pfauhaus did a thorough analyisis of the business processes at Carol's cafe and identified that several systems that had been paper-based or running on old software could be integrated and automated into Square for a single point of control. This included kitchen ticket printers, cash operations, payroll and scheduling, menus, website, social media, taxes, online ordering, hours and days of operation, SEO, and localization. That means Carol can work more on what she does best, and customers enjoy a more seamless experience at her restaurant.

When you go to Carol's Prattville Cafe, the workers use modern systems and you get your receipts by email, but it still feels like eating lunch at grandma's house...and that's a GOOD thing.

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