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Introducing Front Porch AI

As digital requirements accelerate for workers and organizations across the North State, so does our commitment at Pfauhaus to fostering a community of learning and innovation. It's with this spirit that I’ve embarked on a series of outreach initiatives across the North State, aiming to demystify technology and bring AI closer to our community.

One such initiative is our “Front Porch AI” sessions, which epitomize our approach to accessible and community-focused the most chillaxed way possible.

Starting on May 27th and running until the end of summer, we will be hosting the “Front Porch AI” series on the last Monday of every month until winter (at which point we may introduce the very similar "fireside AI" sessions). This initiative invites individuals of all skill levels to join me on my front porch at for an engaging session on artificial intelligence. This setting breaks down the formal barriers often associated with tech education, replacing them with the comfort of a neighborly gathering. Participants are encouraged to bring along a laptop or a cellphone, though a few Chromebooks will be available for those who need them. And yes, refreshing cold beverages will be on hand to keep the atmosphere relaxed and conducive to learning.

This is a profound opportunity to teach, learn, and create dialogue. With each session, we work on hands-on applications of AI, from basic concepts to more complex workflows, ensuring everyone can find something at their level. The informal setting encourages questions, discussions, and hands-on activities, making learning both effective and enjoyable.

These efforts are part of a broader push by Pfauhaus to enhance technological literacy and encourage innovation in our local communities. Through initiatives like these, we aim not only to educate but also to inspire participants to explore how AI can be integrated into their daily lives and work. Our mission extends beyond just spreading knowledge; it's about building a community that's equipped to face the challenges and opportunities presented by the digital age.

Our outreach is a testament to our commitment to the region—demonstrating that innovation isn't confined to major tech hubs but is thriving right here in the North State. We believe in the power of community, and through these initiatives, Pfauhaus continues to lay the groundwork for a tech-savvy and forward-thinking society.

Stay tuned to our blog and social media for updates on our upcoming sessions and other outreach activities. Together, let's embrace the future, one porch gathering at a time.

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