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Why Pfauhaus?

Pfauhaus is a community-focused local AI solutions provider addressing specific and unique needs of rural Northern California and Northern Nevada. We serve government agencies, nonprofits, and small businesses.

  • Are you still using the same complicated and expensive systems and processes from 10+ years ago? 

  • Are you overwhelmed with subscriptions to software and services that you were hoping would simplify your business?

  • Are budget constraints preventing you from hiring the help you need for your business operations?

  • Is your brand relying on oudated SEO (or no SEO at all) to achieve online visibility in Northern California and the Great Basin?

  • Are you wondering what AI and advanced data analytics could do for your business?


At Pfauhaus Consulting, we understand that time and budget constraints are a matter of survival to small businesses and nonprofits. Our solution leverages traditional business process analysis and project management, accelerated by AI and machine learning, making it easier, faster, and cheaper to do more with less. Without a big upfront investment and without changing the look and feel of your business, modernized software and operations can deliver huge cost savings and increased revenue. Imagine tracking and managing everything in your business from payroll and taxes to marketing emails, using a single console. How much time and money could you save, simply by not duplicating unnecessary work?

Serving rural Northern California and the Great Basin from Chico to Modoc, from Eureka to Winnemucca, we empower local small businesses and nonprofits to tackle their unique challenges head-on. With Pfauhaus Consulting, you gain a partner committed to implementing intelligent, scalable solutions that offer tangible results, allowing you to focus on what you do best—running your business. Let us arm you with the AI and machine learning tools you need to surmount your business challenges efficiently.

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Ready to amplify your business efficiency and solve your most pressing challenges through AI-driven solutions? Don't let time or budget constraints hold you back any longer.

Contact Annika Peacock at Pfauhaus Consulting today to embark on your journey towards optimized, sustainable growth.

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